Phase 3 GO: Field Training Day 5

This module represents Phase 3 of the VetcoGO Training Program – (offline) Field Training (Day 5).

If you have not completed Phase 1: Vetco University Foundations or Phase 2: Mock Clinic Classroom Training of the GO Program, please exit out of this module & complete those phases first.

In this Field Training Phase 3, you will partner with a Designated Field Trainer (or your MM) who you will “shadow” in the field, for your respective position, for approximately 4-8 clinic days. You will start by watching them perform their responsibilities and then you will practice in a real clinic setting, under their supervision & guidance.

Every time you complete a day’s worth of your field training, you must log on to Vetco University, select the Field Training (Day #) course for the appropriate day completed and select the “Mark Complete” box.

For example, when you complete your first day of field training, go to the course “Phase 3 GO: Field Training Day 1,” click on the lesson “Day 1 Completed” and select the red “Mark Complete” box. When you complete your second day, go to the course “Phase 3 GO: Field Training Day 2, click on the lesson “Day 2 Completed” and select the red “Mark Complete” box, etc… 

Each time you have completed a clinic day of Phase 3 Field Training, a notification will be sent to your Market Manager who will confirm that you have completed this “live” (offline) training and approve you to proceed. Once you complete all the lessons (~4-8 days) in this course, you will be approved (by your MM) to proceed to the next Phase (4) – Final Certification Exams.

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