Phase 2 GO: Mock Clinic Classroom Training

This module represents Phase 2 of the VetcoGO Training Program – the “LIVE” (offline) Mock Clinic Classroom session and is held with your Market Manager at your local Market Office. There, your MM will walk you through a typical day and have you take part in some important, common clinic activities that you will practice in a “mock clinic” setting.

If you have not completed Phase 1: Vetco University Foundations of the GO Program, which includes Orientation, Medical 101, Clinics 101 & Service 101 courses, then please exit out of this module & complete those 4 courses first.

When you have completed this “live” (offline) Phase 2 classroom training with your Market Manager, click on the first (and only) lesson in this course & select the “Mark Complete” box. Once you do so, a notification will be sent to your Market Manager who will confirm that you have completed this phase of your training and approve you to proceed to the next Phase (3) – Field Training.

Course Content