Medical 101


This course will cover the Medical foundations relevant to all of Vetco‘s services & products offered.

There is a lot of contextual information here that you will continue to learn & reinforce, over time & through multiple training phases. Do not feel pressured to memorize or retain all of this information on your first pass.

Please review each lesson as well as the supplementary Required Learning links at the end of a lesson.

IMPORTANT HINT: At the bottom of most lessons, you will find Quick Reference Guides (QRGs). These are 1-page “cheat sheets” that summarize the key pieces of that particular lesson. Please save/print these QRGs. You can use them to help you take your quizzes and can even refer to them while you’re traveling to and from the clinics, on the rigs.

Again, after you complete each lesson in this course, be sure to click “Mark Complete” so you can proceed.